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piRNA-like small RNAs target transposable elements in a Clade IV parasitic nematode.

Mona SuleimanAsuka KounosuBen MurcottMehmet DayiRebecca PawlukAkemi YoshidaMark VineyTaisei Kikuchi & Vicky L. Hunt(2022)  Scientific Reports volume 12, Article number: 10156

Tanzila Afrin, Kazunori Murase, Asuka KounosuVicky L. Hunt, Mark Bligh, Yasunobu Maeda, Akina Hino, Haruhiko Maruyama, Isheng J. Tsai and Taisei Kikuchi (2019)Sequential Changes in the Host Gut Microbiota During Infection With the Intestinal Parasitic Nematode Strongyloides venezuelensis. Front. Cell. Infect. Microbiol.

Genome of the fatal tapeworm Sparganum proliferum uncovers mechanisms for cryptic life cycle and aberrant larval proliferation

Kikuchi, T., Dayi, M., Hunt, V. L., Ishiwata, K., Toyoda, A., Kounosu, A., Sun, S., Maeda, Y., Kondo, Y., de Noya, B. A., Noya, O., Kojima, S., Kuramochi, T. & Maruyama, H., 31 Dec 2021, In: Communications Biology. 4, 1, 649.

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Kanzaki N*, Tsai I J*, TanakaR*, Hunt V L*, Tsuyama K, Liu K, Maeda Y, Woodruff G, Namai S, Kumagai R, Tracey T, Holroyd N, Murase K, Kitazume, Billah M, Ke H, Wang J, BerrimanM, SternbergP, SugimotoA, Kikuchi T (2018).  Biology and genome of a newly discovered sibling species of Caenorhabditis elegans. Nature Communications 9:3216. * these authors contributed equally

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Hunt V L (2018). Caenorhabditis inopinata: the unexpected sibling species of C. elegans.

Blog article for Nature Ecology & Evolution.

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Hunt V L, Hino A, Yoshida A, Kikuchi T (2018). Comparative transcriptomics gives insights into the evolution of parasitism in Strongyloides nematodes at the genus, subclade and species level. Scientific Reports,8: 5192. 

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Hunt V L, Tsai I J, Viney M, (2017). The genome of Strongyloidesspp. give insights into protein families with a putative role in parasitism. Parasitology 144 (3) 343-358.

Bayliss S, Hunt V L, Yokoyama M, Thorpe H, Feil E (2017). The use of Oxford Nanopore native barcoding for complete genome assembly. GigaScience, 6(3):1-6.

Hunt V L, Tsai I J, Coghlan A, Reid A J, Holroyd N, Foth B J, Tracey A, Cotton J A, Stanley E J, Beasley H, Bennett H, Brooks K, Harsha B, Kajitani R, Kulkarni A, Harbecke D, Nagayasu E,Nichol S, Ogura Y, Quail M A, Randle N, Xia D, Brattig N, Ribeiro D M, Sanchez-Flores A, Hayashi T,Itoh T, Denver D R, Grant W, Stoltzfus J D, Lok J B, Murayama H, Wastling J, Streit A, Kikuchi T, Viney M, Berriman M. (2016). The genomic basis of parasitism in the Strongyloides clade of nematodes. Nature Genetics,48: 299-307.

Hunt V L, Zhong W, McClure C D, Mlynski D, Duxbury E M L, Charnley A K & Priest N. (2016). Adaptive switch in life history strategy driven by cold-seeking behaviour in infected fruit flies. Journal of Animal Ecology, 85 (1): 178-186.

McClure C D., Zhong W, Hunt V L, Chapman, F M, Hill, F V & Priest N. (2014) Life-history trade-offs and temporary genetic effects underlying pathogen-induced hormesis in the fruit fly. Evolution, 68(8): 2225-2233.

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