Vicky Hunt
Group leader

My background is in infection biology. I am interested in the protein-coding genes involved in nematode parasitism, how these genes are regulated by small RNAs, and the role of small RNAs secreted by nematode parasites into their host. I am also interested in nematode small RNA pathways, more generally, including the genes that these pathways target and the conservation and diversification of these pathways across nematode taxa.      

2018- present   Sir Henry Dale Wellcome Trust/ Royal Society Fellowship. University of Bath. 

2017-2018         Japanese Society of Promotion of Science Short-term fellowship. University of Miyazaki, Japan.

2016 - 2017       Elizabeth Blackwell Institute (EBI) Early Career Fellowship, University of Bristol. 

2015 - 2016       Postdoc, University of Bath (supervisor Prof. Ed Feil)

2011-2015         Postdoc, University of Bristol (supervisor Prof. Mark Viney)

2011                   PhD, University of Bath (supervisor Prof. Keith Charnley) 


Current Lab Members
Becky Pawluk
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Ben Murcott
MSc student in Bioinformatics
Dominika Lastik
PhD student
Georgie Massen
MSc student in Bioinformatics
Mona Suleiman
PhD Student
Katie O'Brien
PhD student
(Main supervisor, Jane Younger) 
Pamela Sachs Nique
Research technician
Kieran Reynolds
MSc student in Bioinformatics 
Abbie Williams
PhD Student
(Main supervisor Laura Peachy, University of Bristol)
Reem Al-Jawabreh
Volunteer Research Assistant (starting a PhD in the lab in Oct 2021)
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